Trial Attorneys of New Jersey - TANJ

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 Our Mission

We promote the litigation interests

of the public, the bench, and the bar



President's Message


The Trial Attorneys of New Jersey has a long history of fighting for the rights of the public, bench and bar. This includes fighting to preserve our jury trial system which is under constant attack, including a massive shortage of judges, an attempt to expedite jury trials and reduce peremptory challenges. TANJ is uniquely positioned to take on this fight. We are a statewide organization made up of members of the civil and criminal plaintiff and defense bars,and former members of the judiciary. Importantly, we are not simply one Chapter of a national organization. As a result, we are dedicated to fighting for NEW JERSEY’S legal system.

Access to our courts, however, is only one of our missions. We are dedicated to ensuring that once in a courtroom, our citizens get a fair trial. This starts with our bench and bar being capable and qualified. Accordingly, TANJ is committed to training young attorneys through our internship and scholarship programs, as well as, training seasoned attorneys through our continuing legal education programs.

If you are not a member of TANJ, please join and take advantage of our vast networking opportunities and give back to our profession.

Michael R. Ricciardulli,  Esq.

TANJ Calendar of Events


Date and Location


October 18, 2018

Pleasantdale Chateau, West Orange

Trial Bar Awards Reception

&  Installation of Officers

December 1, 2018

APA Hotel, Iselin

ABOTA and TANJ Present:

Trial Demonstration CLE






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