Trial Attorneys of New Jersey - TANJ

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About Trial Attorneys of New Jersey

TANJ is an organization of approximately 800 members consisting of both plaintiff & defense attorneys from the civil and criminal bars and is dedicated to promoting the interests of the public at large, the interest of the litigants involved in civil and criminal cases, and the interests of the bench and bar. 

The organization was started 50 years ago and is headquartered in West Allenhurst, New Jersey. The Executive Director is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TANJ, the voice & resource for New Jersey's Trial Lawyers, offers the following benefits & services to its members:

  • Continued legal education
  • Judicial evaluation
  • Monthly newsletters including legal updates
  • Amicus Briefs on issues affecting the Trial Bar
  • Legislative services
  • Trial Bar Awards to outstanding N.J. attorneys
  • Annual conferences

The organization is governed by an Executive Board and a Board of Trustees that meet monthly to address issues affecting the general membership. The Trustee committees are as follows:

  • Trial Bar Awards Selection
  • Administration
  • Judicial Evaluation
  • Editorial / Summation
  • Publicity / Pro Bono
  • Long Range Planning
  • Education / Seminars / Back to Basics
  • Membership
  • Legislative Coordination
  • Officers and New Trustees Selection
  • Travel / Entertainment / Speakers
  • Constitution / By Laws Revision
  • Website

Proudly, TANJ hosts the annual Trial Bar Awards Banquet. This event marks the presentation of our esteemed Trial Bar Award, and our Daniel L. Golden Lifetime Achievement Award,  To see this and previous years' award winners, please Click Here

In an effort to accommodate a diverse group of members, you can Join TANJ at a reduced rate if you are a law student, a government employee or a young attorney.

We hope you enjoy the website and consider becoming a part of the Trial Attorneys of New Jersey.

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